A random thought or maybe its just gas

First, Hey its my first note on this blog! *tosses glitter*

So on to the random thought I had: I’m a little tired of people today. I’m putting this mostly on the head cold I’m almost done fighting, which is also preventing me from getting any art done, but I’m not tickled pink with how some people feel the need to act all holier than thou about stupid shit. Bitching about today’s holiday, St Paddy’s Day,by saying its “just a day”. Yes, its “just a day” but sometimes its fun to be silly and wear green and dress like a member of Liberace’s dwarf army while drinking shitty green “beer” while woo girls flash their boobs. Frankly, I welcome any day of celebration!! Life is for the living dontcha know!

I think for Flag Day I’m going to run naked through the streets because its just another day right?

I think the cold meds might be affecting my brainwaves.


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