This is what happens when I can’t sleep

Let’s take it down a few notches here folks and just take a moment to relax and reflect on things. 

I’m sitting in my living room, wondering why I’m still frakking awake when I really should be in my bed, shoved to one side by a grumpy smelly basset hound and a snoring husband. Why am I awake? Is it the snoring? No. Is it the smelly dog? No. Is it the sounds of the freeway and the last rumblings of the BART? No.

No, what has me awake is I think my one art instructor is going to give me a “meh” grade, even though I’ve done everything required, been early to class, and am beyond active in class.

Yup. What is keeping this grown “adult” up is this nagging annoying snotty brat that lives in my head that’s taunting me about failing at something.

That and probably the sugary drink I’ve had. That probably didn’t help matters.

(Stupid brain meats. Shut your cake hole brat! Don’t make me turn this brain around missy!!)  

I need a stuffed octopus to snuggle with as it won’t kick me in the butt while it dreams of chasing squirrels.


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