Oh that bruise? Its from me hitting my head against that wall over there.

Frustration: its what makes breakfast far more delicious! 

My finals are creeping up on me and I’ve been given the parameters for both classes. The drawing one I just need to talk to my teacher about the theme for what I’m doing. The painting one? Its a stencil image, which is fine whatever, but its a 2 sided piece with one side being a self portrait and the other side is a class picked theme. 

And here is where the hilarity ensues! 

My teacher is a self admitted “original hippie”. And in just about every class there is an opportunity for Them to share the joy of how the world is FULL of things that are toxic and killing us, the government is trying to take away all our rights, my shampoo is going to turn me into a newt, my drink is owned by a company that kicks puppies, that dress I love was made by starved children that live in a tree with a van down by the river, the list goes on. So when it came time to have a “group theme”, an overwhelming majority of the options were political leaning or “social justice” like. I almost started banging my head on the table until the voices stopped but I figured I’d be killing some special bacteria that will cure leprosy by bashing my skull into the lacquer plywood table so tempt fate and possibly evoke the Protest Gods. Luckily, the most votes went to a more simple concept that didn’t have an overabundance of potential blood loss to the head. 

I can sympathize with standing up for what one believes, but it gets to be a bit much when its a CONSTANT STREAM OF ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD AND HOW WE’RE ALL SCREWED AND EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH IS GOING TO KILL YOU AND NEVER SHOP THERE BECAUSE OF *insert whatever reason here* AND THE EARTH IS DYING AND ONLY EAT THIS OR YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!! *deep calming breath* 

Okay. Enough ranting. Its not healthy to be negative and its toxic for one’s soul. HA! See what I did there?! Oh nevermind. Image



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