I’ve been hung!

First, I’m like frakking 12 as that title made me snicker like an idjit because let’s be honest here and admit that we all thought about me with a large shlong when we read that. That’s why I’m strange as I think shit like that never stops being funny. 

Second, I felt like boasting about myself for a few moments as fuck it I deserve to feel all “gold star for me bitches!” about this. Here’s an image of my photo hanging in the 111 Minna Gallery in SF. I’m not only a rock star in how much I’m awesome, but this just validates my own sparkly fabulousness! Behold, A Strange Child Creations photo hanging in a gallery: Its the framed image of the broken doll on the right. 



Yup, I’m officially an artist. I hope someone buys it as it would be ridiculously awesome. I even signed it! I love being an artist and hope to one day have my own show of entirely my work. Goals are nifty! 


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