Depression: a great way to past the time while slowly losing your mind

sad tortise

See this turtle?

Yeah, that’s my feelings lately. Husband lost his job so the stress of finances has begun. Can’t see my therapist because fund are on lockdown. Can’t go to Pride as it eats into my BART funds and since I spend $20 a week on travel to school I can’t risk spending what’s there so I am unable to get my Hag on and my Hag is FREAKING AWESOME. *stamps foot* The stress has sucked much of my artistic feelings so the urge to do anything fun is hampered by my brain’s inner “Blank White Board or Fuck You Missy”. And social fun is hindered by everyone else’s stresses. Been pining for Disneyland, Boneyard donuts, dancing like a monkey, and a visit to an art museum with something I want to look at. OH! And having some alone time without my wonderful Husband hovering over me because HE’S bored out of his skull and needing some mental stimuli.

I need a special brownie STAT!


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