Adventures in being covered in clay!

Its not as kinky as it sounds people. Seriously. Well…………….I suppose it could be, but I wouldn’t recommend it as you could very easily slip on the floor and break a hip and that’s one great way to ruin the sexual healing mood that you set off to create. Emergency rooms are good boner killers people! The more you know!

No, I’m taking a ceramics class this summer so I can add the medium to my growing list of art mediums I’m trying out to see which one I’m going to spend the rest of my life working on. So far its been hard but fun work. The teacher is very loose in her requirements as its a short semester and that’s how she rolls. I’ve made nothing but bowls as I’m trying to perfect that technique before I move on to something else. My goal is at least ONE teacup to stroke the Alice in Wonderland obsession I have and I’ve getting very close to having my teacup.

To help me keep an eye on my progress as well as stroke my own ego because I’m THAT much of a narcissistic attention whore that thrives on praise like a squirrel thrives on darting into traffic for the adrenaline rush, I take pics of the creations. Today I had a very good day with making a bowl. I actually did a small jig when I got it off the wheel because it was pure joy to see something that I made actually look half way decent as well as ya know…………..bowl shaped! So if you would all please stroke the ego, we can all go home early and hit the bar for daiquiris! Or not. Whatever. I don’t care. I MADE A BOWL BITCHES!!!! I AM AWESOME!!

first good bowl


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