New Art, new/old worries and how skulls can make the blues go away

I finished my last semester at my city college this week. I did a great set of Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces which I love so much. Lets look at how fabulous I am shall we:

Twisted Alice
Twisted Alice
Caterpillar Oracle
Caterpillar Oracle
Down the rabbit hole
Down the rabbit hole
Mad Hatter's chair
Mad Hatter’s chair
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts

See? I’m completely amazing! I’ll be transferring to the State University in January…… provided that I’m able to afford paying for it. *le sigh* We’re (fingers crossed, candles lit, glitter tossed, dolls with pins whatever it takes) hopefully not going to be heading towards another financially setback. The instability of the tech industry is………well…………….annoyingly frustrating. Seriously. So we’re in yet another holding pattern because the fear of no money coming in just after we had no money coming in. If the shoe drops, I’ll have to postpone my schooling as we won’t be able to pay for it in the slightest. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to get financial aid as it is. So, yeah. Rainbows and kittens all up in this bitch!!

I’ve already registered for classes which will be all general education courses so that I can get that nonsense out of the way quick. This means no art classes for a semester sadly. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will however be working on setting up a list of things to do during this semester so that I keep up with my skills. Use it or lose it people!!! I’ll even work on some paintings so that I can improve on those too. And whenever I get the chance, I’ll submit my work for showings. This is will work. Yes, I will get through this and we’ll be fine.

Anyhoo……………too much dwelling on toxic depressive subjects. Its Christmas time!!!!!


I need to start baking stuff as it makes me feel better to have happy smells in my house and to shower my loved ones with sugary sweets that will eventually cost them a foot or at the very least put them in a diabetic coma which, honestly, is TOTALLY worth it because damn my fudge is awesome!! I need to do something positive and joyful, and baking four different types of cookies, four different types of fudge, and covering things in glitter and stuffing boxes with four pounds of sugar and mailing it to friends is one way to make me feel a tiny bit in control of my world at the moment. The house has been decorated and we’ll get a tree soon which will once again have tentacles sticking out on the branches to express our undying devotion to his Elder God awesomeness Cthulhu. There will be other decorations people but come on……………….my tree has tentacles!!! Once the storm of the century recedes, we’ll put the decorations on the outside! Nightmare before Christmas pumpkins with Santa hats, scary wreath with teeth, skull wreath on the door, and hopefully shiny bows with skulls on them! Ahhhhhhh I love my quirky love of things dark and spooky!! My goal to be an Addams is going to happy people!!!

Where’d I put my hot buttered rum?


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