I’m about to be edumacated!!

I start SFSU in a week or so. I’m still waiting for FA to help pay for those courses and my books because frankly, I’m too po to afford any of it right now. *glares at bank account* I’m nervous as hell because I’ve ALREADY had to change a course because the teacher yanked me out due to my lack of having taken any other Women’s Gender Studies courses. The class is set up as a GE course, that covers one of the Upper Division course requirements as well as satisfies THREE of the overlay requirements so completing that one class clears up at least one extra semester for me to take! I’d be done with my degree much faster, but because the course isn’t set up in the system to prevent one from taking a class that they don’t meet the requirements for, it wastes everyone’s time and lets you sign up only to be booted out a week before classes start!!

Brilliant, I know, right?????

Luckily, the class I also need to take but didn’t sign up for due to it being at the same time as the other course, was still open so I snagged a seat for that one. Crisis averted before there was going to be one FTW!!!!

I also pulled up the forms for me to keep track of my progress as well as create a road map for the future semesters to continue the trend of getting this done as fast as possible with as little cost as possible. Gotta love finding out that NONE of my art history courses I’ve taken are transferable!! *tosses confetti* So I need at least 2 3 unit courses to meet my lower division requirement. *grumbles obscenities* You’d think the Intro to Art History would but alas it doesn’t, which of course makes ZERO FUCKING SENSE!!!! *deep breath*

In other news, my dad sent me a belated Christmas present as it wasn’t on sale until recently so he was able to get really cheap. He sent me one of the super sweet professional grade easels! I can now paint on canvases that are over 4 feet!! I need to put rollers on the bottom so it can move around easier as well as perhaps raise it up a bit, but its fucking awesome!!! I’m not taking any art classes this semester since there will be a bunch of reading and writing I’ll have to be doing and won’t really have time to focus on pieces. I do have ideas in mind for what to work on when I DO have time. Just need to save up for the supplies as I’m running dry on paint and need better brushes and the most important part: something to paint on!

I also need to go to a museum soon or the zoo as I haven’t taken many photos lately and I need to GET OUT OF MY FUCKING HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!