I’m back. but more importantly, I’m still here

I’m back bitches!

I just finished my first semester at SFSU today and this time of fancy book learning was awesome! I can’t wait until August when I get to start my art stuff again, learning more art history stuff and the best part:

I’M GOING TO PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hubby and I haven’t had a vacation since we moved to the Bay Area and now that we’re on more stable ground financially, we decided to take a much needed trip. Originally we had planned for our wedding anniversary but neither of us can take that time away so we decided to do it right before I start school again! I’m super excited about this! I get to see the Mona Lisa, the catacombs, medical museums, and eat French food!! I’ll be in artistic heaven! *artgasm* I need a moment…………and a mop.

In the meantime, I need to make a plan for the summer break because frankly I’m completely useless without a routine. Seriously. I am not to be trusted to JUST be, its not pretty. So I’m writing out The Plan. The Plan consists of duties that need to be completed, projects for me to complete, and goals for me to reach. For example: our front garden is a jungle of weeds, dead plants, and rosemary. Its like, the bastard stepchild of Endor but without the whimsy. My plan is to rip it ALL out, clean it up, and plant drought friendly stuff because we here in CA are apparently trying to win the record for being bone dry the longest. WE RULE! Anyhoo, I figure that I’ve got better luck with plants that I don’t need to remember to water and sit in the sun all day long with no shade. Plus, they look like octopus!! I would have a fleet of spiky tentacles protecting my yard from orcs or paper airplanes. Orcs hate succulants, reminds them too much of happiness. And calamari which they are allergic to. Honest!

Sadly, we had to send our Tank across the rainbow bridge on April 4th. She had been in pain, losing the strength in her back legs, couldn’t really walk anymore and was becoming incontinent. We believed that the mass that was on her front leg that swell up so badly she couldn’t even bend it anymore was cancerous. We couldn’t biopsy it as she had a heart murmur and if it was positive for cancer, we would have still made the same choice. It was devastating, but we couldn’t watch her being in pain anymore. It took a few weeks for me to get used to her not being there in the bed with us, or her incredibly loud barking when we came home. Damn she could bark! I still maintain that she was really a cat wearing a basset hound’s suit as a disguise as she maintained a cat’s level of pure evilness throughout her life. RIP Tank Girl.

Tank 2000- 2015

Milo, our other dog, is now 9 years old. He’s a big dog so his time is also growing near. He’s overweight, because if they’re fat they can’t leave me, so I need to start walking him more. He has been having some issues with moving lately so we’re going to get his butt outside more. Right now, he’s snoring like a lumberjack with a sinus infection, but its so damn adorable I can’t stand to nudge him!! Since we’re going to be out of town in August, its easier for our friends to watch just one dog and not 2. When we get back though, the urge for a new furry baby will begin. I’ve always had 2 dogs in my life. Always. One big, one small. So any other item on The Plan is volunteering at the local shelter. I can play with puppies, especially pibbles, and keep my eye out for anything. My hubby may tell them to search my bags when I leave as I may sneaky one out. Mental note: need bigger bag.

Art, dogs, gardening, exercise and Paris! And orc-free yards! All parts of The Plan!