Crafty AND adorable as hell!!

Hi my name is Strange Child, and I’m a Pintrest addict. *Hi Strange Child!*

I enjoy making things as they are in many ways similar to art projects. This is most likely a result of being raised by parents that switch art projects like they switch underwear. My childhood was filled with different kinds of art projects! Jewelry making, mask making, wood carvings, stain glass, welding, sewing, painting, cooking, decorating, whatever peaked their interests on PBS that Saturday or whatever jumped out at them at Michael’s, it ended up being added to the Overstuffed House of Crap. My dad was the one that really was the artist as he did have an art degree (photography), and was a graphic artist. This instilled in me that if I can make the thing myself, it will most likely be cheaper in the long run, AND be exactly how I wanted to look/ be.

Here’s where the Pintrest addiction takes over. I found the site and hot damn is it the best!!! I have so many art inspirations, tutorials, everything, pinned as well as recipes, hairstyles and colors to try, and things to make!! My most latest challenge to myself is in the realm of working on my rockabilly look. I recently enhanced my sunglasses for Paris to look just like a pair I came across on a pin for a hair style I liked. It was an image from the Rebel Circus Instagram that I figured was easy to recreate. Hot glue gun, a pair of cat eye sunglasses, and some beads, and voila! Here’s a side by side comparison:

Rebel Circus instagramMy version

See?! I’m crafty!! The pink ones are mine and the beautiful model on the left is from Rebel Circus, a fabulous clothing site that I recently got an awesome shirt from! Its a unicorn farting a rainbow and it reads “I poop glitter”, which was an easy sell for me.

I’m working on learning to sew too. I realize that I’m going to need to learn as I see so many outfits that I love but are just too expensive, but if I made it myself, it would fit for sure and I’d be able to continue looking awesome! For now, I’ll settle for the accessories being my thang.



3 thoughts on “Crafty AND adorable as hell!!

  1. Those are adorable! I bet you could sell those on etsy or something and people would just snatch them up! I also love using Pinterest for inspiration for random projects!

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