I volunteer……………….not for tribute, but to just walk the cute puppy!

I begin my training for dog walking at the shelter today!


OMG super excited!

I look forward to this as not only am I going to be able to have a sort of “Puppy patch” until we are able to adopt a new fur baby for our home, but I’ll also be getting training skills for when this new baby comes home. I will be getting training tips from one of best rescue organizations, Bad Rap, as they work with the shelter. All the pibbles there get training from them and since I’ve never been properly trained, as its us that need the training really, this will benefit our next baby!! Plus, I get to keep an eye out for what comes in and get a good idea of a dog’s personality to see if it will mesh with ours.

I really do miss having a dog. It kills me each time I want in the door and there isn’t a tag excitedly wagging stuff off the bookcase next to the front door. I feel lost whenever I drop something edible on the ground and there isn’t a four legged rumba waiting next to me snatch it up. I hate how quiet it is here when I’m alone. Hubby will be off to do faire on the weekends soon and I’ll be so lonely without something at the foot of the bed snoring and farting away while I draw as I watch Netflix. I can’t wait to bring home an adorable block head that just wants to snuggle with me on the couch and go for a ride in the car so they can stick their head out to smell all the smells! We picked out 2 names so far that will work for either a girl or a boy: Groot or Mongo. For now, we just can’t as it’s not the right time yet.

But until our trip to Paris, I’ll be once a week at the shelter, giving tons of my love to babies that need it.


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