Blue is the new purple

I changed my hair color again, which appears to be something I do each semester. Hmmm. I probably shouldn’t be doing that. I am astounded by the fact that I haven’t gone bald yet after the over twenty years of me doing this. I have sworn that if I ever DO go bald, by say cancer treatments, I’m totally wearing the most epic of wigs in public like a Marie Antoinette wig to do the grocery shopping. It will of course be sprayed with glitter because,………………its glitter, and sparkly, and how dare you question a woman with cancer, you heartless bastard!!

My wonderful friend Starr did it as she’s an amazing hairstylist that if you need to someone in the Alameda area, hit her up here at Hair by Starr. She loves to do the “unicorn hair” colors because let’s be honest here………..its the best!!

blue hair

See!! Look unbelievably awesome I look!!! I’m getting used to the blonde streaks, but I suspect the more times I wash it, the more baby blue those will become. Either way, I’m adorable.

I have also successfully made TWO skirts!!!! All on my own!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have to shorten the one as its about 3 inches too long for my taste, but STILL!!! I can sew now!! I have a sewing machine on my wish list so hopefully I’ll get one soon, along with a craft table as I’m realizing more and more, I frakking need one. Hell, I really need a proper studio, but I’ll work with what I have because again……….I’m awesome with a heaping ton of awesomesauce.

Working on making a fashion headband for Paris as well for when we do a fancy dinner somewhere, and I’m also working on another painting, but I fear I may not be able to get to that in time. *sigh* But I get to see my Lilymonster this week, (*mommy squeal*) and then I get to play in a pool with my some of my Harem of Fabulousness (trademark pending), walk some puppies tomorrow, and then…………..PARIS BITCHES!!!!!

Hey, my lunch is getting cold.


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