*insert witty title here*

I have zero idea about how to title things. I just suck at it.

Anyhoo, school is still kicking my arse and another bout of depression is cackling in delight in my head. Yay. This Halloween was my 13th wedding anniversary, so we had some plans for doing stuff but one by one it all got messed up. First, Hubby’s business trips, as in plural, in one month drained our funds entirely, so the fancy dinner and presents all had to be cancelled. Then on our actual anniversary we were rear-ended and pushed into another car. No one was hurt other than a big ugly bruise on my arm and on my stomach from the seat belt. Both the front and the back of the car is damaged, but luckily the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident is taking full responsibility and this week we get a rental car while ours is repaired. Later on that night, we went to a costume party and I had a bit too much special chocolate resulting in me ending the night vomiting. Yay.  The only shining light of it all was that Hubby dressed up as the 11th Doctor and I was the Tardis. He was unbelievably sexy to me, so now I fully understand the whole Slave Leia obsession.  Here’s us in one of the few times we wore a couple’s costume. Damn he be fine!

The Doctor and his Tardis

Me getting sick was so not freaking cool man! Then to wake up the next morning and start my period was ALSO not freaking cool. This week, due to finances, I wasn’t able to make it to school for 2 days because I simply couldn’t afford it. Yay. 

Seriously. It would be almost comical if it wasn’t so freaking annoying.

And that leads into the me trying to figure out ways to get out of this spiral. My first one was becoming one with the sofa. You know, wearing crappy clothes, watching mind numbing TV, eating crap, and just not finding the motivation to move other then to the bathroom or the kitchen for more Doritos. But apparently that’t not healthy! Well I for one think it’s super healthy as I’m getting rest, which IS healthy! And I’m an adult, I can do what I want. (ugh being an adult sucks. I want to be a ninja because ninjas are allowed to wear their pajamas to work. Except I’d probably suck at being a ninja just as much as I suck at being an adult because my ninja suit would have my little pony on it and pink fuzzy monster feet that I can’t really run in. But I’d be the most adorable ninja people)  Since my lack of a proper ninja outfit hinders my first option, I thought about the holidays as those always fire up my juices. I hate that our house isn’t set up for entertaining, but I wanted to host people at our house and serve them food and be all feminine and shit with a beautiful table and wine and piles of food. OH, Thanksgiving dinner! Alas, that also warrants the fail horns as no dining room and no dining room furniture makes that…………awkward. Oh well, guess we’ll probably end up doing what we always do and dine with our friends at their place. *kicks dirt*  There is also Christmas to consider. Do we go to LA or stay home and have my parents come here like last year? Part of me is so very tempted to just tell them we’re staying here and if they make it, awesome, if not oh well, because I flat out don’t want to move. Daisy is now a factor and I’m not sure she’d be okay with the drive and how she’d be with their dog. I’d see about crashing with my friend at her house if she’s in town but again……I don’t wanna go. It’s probably just the depression but my laziness about it is kind of fitting and telling.

I do know that I will be baking up a storm, making gift packages for some people, and hosing my house down with so much gothy holiday decorations that its going to look like my house vomited up a dark Christmas hairball! I may even garden a bit to get it all looking nice! Ho Ho Ho bitches!

In the meantime, I’m finishing up this wretched semester, pushing through the bad thoughts in my head, and getting my geek on. Geek stuff IS therapeutic. I felt really good gushing about the Doctor and other cool things like Supernatural and Star Wars. I want to show LilyMonster all this stuff and hope she loves it as much as I do. I fantasize about making her this adorable Dalek costume for next Halloween or a Star Wars costume. She was set to be a ninja (heh), but then she got a princess costume and went as that instead. (I did suggest ninja princess, but I guess she didn’t go for it. *pouts*) I am hoping to attend the SF comic con that’s happening next September here and hoping that another Supernatural convention comes through.

As depression messes with me I know I have to find whatever it takes to get me through it all, and if being a big old nerd girl is what it takes so be it. In the immortal words of Osgood: The Doctor will save me.