A new year means its time to relearn what year I’m in!

I’m out of another depression! *tosses glitter*  2015 was a horrible year towards the end. I became too close to a mass shooting in that a victim was part of one my community of friends which meant that many of my friends were grieving. A dear friend lost his grandfather that I adored and reminded me very much of my own. Another friend lost his job right before Christmas. Needless to say, the world was not being a nice person and really needed a time out………and fucking kick in the nutsack! Seriously, it needed to be bitchslapped!

But shortly around the time I was done with this most recent semester, I just sort of wanted to get off this wobbly, suck ass see-saw and wrote down a list of what I wanted in my life. Not a list of objects or shit like that because that’s what my mile long Amazon wish lists are for. No, I wanted to change myself, or rather, get back to who I need and should be: that really fucking weird, silly girl that you raise your eyebrow at, secretly wondering if you should reach for your pepper spray because a joke about a dead clown is making you question yourself or instead your phone to friend me on Facebook. The dead clown joke is only meant for face to face interactions, by the way. Just so you know.

I also decided that since this is also my artist blog, that maybe I should also include that. I’m too busy to add a bunch of stuff so I’m only going to add for now my most recent drawing.

2016-01-07 16.45.44

Ah my little reaper is just chilling with a beer in his bunny slipper.

I’ll be more on top of things. Hopefully one of those things will be Hubby! ZING! Ugh, I know, that was tacky. I’ll get better I promise.


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