Fuck cancer!

Again, in the same week, I woke up to the news that someone that I grew up loving had passed away. From bloody fucking cancer. Alan Rickman played so many roles, my two favorite being Metatron in “Dogma” and Snape in the Harry Potter films, but it was in “Die Hard” that I, like so many, first discovered him.

“Die Hard” was one of the films that I rented often when left to myself with the VCR as my babysitter. I watched that film so damn much and LOVED Rickman’s performance more than anything. Whenever I performed parts in drama class that were villains, I would do them in the same fashion as Rickman because its the calm and collected villain that is far more menacing in my opinion. The soft tone of voice, the bluntness of stressing certain words, everything he did was spot on for me and I loved him for it! With the Potter films, I had pictured him in my mind as Snape while reading the books and was giddy when he was announced as being cast for the part. My favorite story from that time was when it was reported that he was the only person in the cast to know what was to happen with his character after having a dinner with Rowling during the filming of the first movie. He couldn’t understand the character so he had her over to get help and she offered up the secret knowledge only to him. The director, Christopher Columbus, was baffled by how he was approaching the role when they started filming which Rickman then coyly stated, “Trust me, it will make sense in the end”, which it did.Columbus reported being overwhelmed with jealousy that Rickman knew and was refusing to share even an inkling of information as he promised Rowling he wouldn’t.

His role in “Dogma” was another of my favorites, probably because Kevin Smith’s writing is always entertaining but having it drip out from Rickman’s mouth was so devilishly charming!! My favorite part is when he gets upset at a stain on his clothes and then grabs God’s skirt to clean it off! LOL! He had amazing comic timing! Watch “Galaxy Quest”, people! He steals every scene he’s in!!!

Dammit, this sucks. Cancer is just a vile little bitch! Why isn’t any of the rotten assholes dying??!! Take those fuckers as they honestly serve ZERO purpose on this planet! Stop taking the good ones!!!

*raises a glass* You are missed…………..



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