A Strange Child gets to work!

Back in school baby! Ahhhhhhhhhhh the cozy warmth of a routine with a purpose and human interaction. That intoxicating new school year smell. The new art supplies!!!!!!!!!! Yes, my senior year has begun.

With that, one of my classes is requiring me to maintain a blog to tally up all my work throughout the semester. So for the next few months, all my posts will be regarding that particular class and perhaps my painting class as well since I like sharing my artwork and the things I make here. I’ll be focusing on what work I’m doing, the processes I’m doing, and the progression of my pieces. So, in other words, I’ll be yammering on a bit more then usual. I know, you’re all just so excited about that. Yay, the crazy lady is being productive!! Well, tough glitter sprinkles folks, its for school so suck it up. Those posts will have specific tags on them so if you see those tags, just skip them if you’re not interested in how I am getting along with my “fancy ed-u-mu-ka-shun and book learning”.

However, I will probably still talk about the going-ons in my twisted brain as I may need to when it gets to be too much. When the demons start yapping, it helps me to talk about how mean they are to me, perhaps because I end up not feeling so alone when it happens. I need to let it all out sometimes in order to get myself to realize how I’m only letting them win, that the way my brain is working is not healthy so I simply must push forward. Depression lies and Anxiety/ Panic in turn spins those lies. I don’t tend to get too bogged down in tearing myself to shreds when I’ve got work to do however. Somehow my brain is able to turn that racket down when I’ve got a deadline of sorts to take care of. *shrugs* Brains are strange places, with tons of brightly colored whirly rides that can make one laugh, cry, scream, or vomit out cotton candy. Talking about it honestly helps. Takes the power away from the darkness, at least it does for me anyway.

Well, back to business! I suppose I should share something I recently made as a starting point. I have a pair of saddle shoes but they aren’t particularly comfortable to wear. They’re stift and have zero padding for the soles, and being that my feet now require such things, I found a way to fix this on the Holy Scriptures of Pintrest. Basically, you grab a pair of white tennis shoes, black fabric paint (I used a fabric paint marker set), and a photo of what the shoes look like. It took a few hours to do it in as I wanted the black to be really solid, so I went over it a few time. Left them to dry for a day and viola! Comfy saddle shoes! Here’s how they turned out:


See?! Super cute! My therapist today told me I should consider making a few more pairs in different colors which I might do later on. In the meantime, I’ve got another pair of comfy shoes that are freaking awesomesauce to go with some of my rockabilly clothes. Oh, Holy Scripture of Pintrest…………how I worship you so! Amen.

As for my art class, the suspense of my glorious masterpieces will just have to amuse you for the time being.





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