Augmented body project: 3 artists for inspiration

I’m sorry about being so quick about this post.  I’m feeling overwhelmed with school right now and dealing with some bad head space stuff at the moment that is making my head a dark place to be. But push through it is what I do.

My next project for class is the Augmented Body, and I had to showcase three artists that inspired me.  I’m interested in the concept of the body being the canvas or the tool in which the art is created. The first of the three artists, one that I personally wish I had the room in my studio that I could do a piece like, is Heather Hanson.

Her charcoal drawings are a hypnotic mixture of her dance background and Buddhist mandalas. She dances. rolls and swims across the canvas with the charcoal marking her body’s movements, making spiral swirls that harken to Buddhist mandalas.


The next artist that inspired me is the body painter Alexa Meade. Her work with body painting turns human flesh into a living breathing canvas, which blurs the line between reality and illusion. Here’s an image of her creating one of her pieces:


The third artist that inspired me is another body painter named Lisha Simpson. Much like Alexa Meade, Lisha’s work acts like an optical illusion in how it changes the appearance of the body, making whole piece disappear, while shifting the appearance into a work of art that isn’t manipulated by digital means.

My plans for this project will get posted later.


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