Augmented Body project: ideas


When this was first listed as a project, the idea of augmenting one’s body in some fashion, stirred up my Body Dysmorphic issues. When the question was dropped in class, “If you could change any part of your body, what would you change and into what”, I wanted to crawl into a cave. I’d change so much at the moment. How do I do a piece that doesn’t involve me ripping myself into shreds mentally? Power through woman, power through.

The first image that popped into my brain was that of a built in corset that I could contort my body into the curvy shape that I adore. I have no interest in being super thin. I worship the hourglass swerve of the hip shape. Probably a result of having pin up art and all the Goddess statues in my parents household as a kid that influenced this. Also, my love of Marilyn Monroe. I found this one image that I love and it’s probably what I’ll end up doing:

My second idea dives into my obsession with octopuses, or rather, their tentacles. I could do an homage to Ursula from Little Mermaid, but my dark mood wants to go all Lovecraft on the image kind of like this:


Art by Ember Eason

That one could be fun to play with. Hey, tentacles make everything better!

The last idea comes is more abstract in design in that is utilizes statistical data to create artistic murals. The mural artist Ellie Balk takes survey data provided by high school students about their daily emotions during the day. Each color represents an emotion with the negative space filling in for the grade level. The art lies within turning the math into a work that falls under abstract expressionism. This could be fun to play with as well, but not sure how I’d go about doing it.


I just tripped over another artist that involved tattooing, which I’m currently pining to get more ink done. The artist is Mary Coble, and the performance piece done in 2008 was titled “Blood Script” in which she has tattooed all over her body all the cruel hateful words that have ever been said to her.

Its insanely intense to think that she goes around with that cruelty permanently on her body, but from my own experiences the mental scars remain too. I think I might play with that idea too, but the words being what I say to myself. I’m guessing I’m leaning more towards the body as a canvas as a theme or, well……tentacles.


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