Augmented Body art project: progress

The progress on this project has slammed into a roadblock unfortunately, mostly due to my lack of Photoshop skills.

I took the sketch of the built in corset concept and turned it into one of a built in USB hub along the spine, with curcuitry lines running alongside my hips.  It’s inspired by this Man Ray piece:


I took a similar photo of myself, turned it black and white, and managed to get the USB hub shopped in, but the circuit lines are giving me trouble and I’m now considering changing the appearance entirely. I’m thinking about putting me laying on the couch and the USB hub having cords plugged in, as if I’m charging myself. I will need to retake the image, and redo all the shop work,  which of course I have no idea how to do it. Don’t really have the time to do it in either! Ugh!!! I have to work on it this weekend as next I’ll be in LA visiting my mom for her 70th birthday.

I, ironically, kinda wish I could just upload all the data on how to use Photoshop to my brain. *sigh*

For now, here’s my current concept sketch:



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