Augmented Body: progress report

*sigh* So I retook the photo that is going to my image this weekend and even worked up the image to a point where it almost feels done. But I don’t like it. So there is a possibility I may try to go back to the image I was originally going to work with. Here’s the first pose, untouched. Behold the glory of my fat torso!

I think the bra marks make it festive! 

I have added the USB hubs and it seems to blend well when I make the image black & white. However, I may need to take the image to Illustrator in order to make the circuit lines. As for the other image, I was also able to the get the USB hubs put in, but its just not visually what I want it to be. Mostly because my husband screwed up and took the image off to the side and not dead center like I was positioned! *grumbles* I love that man with all my heart and soul but when it comes to taking a photo he just can’t. Here’s the untouched version of the image that I may not even end up using:

See? Never give him a camera.

What bugs me, other than how he didn’t take it right, is how to get how I envisioned the hub to look like on my spine. The same issue is on the other one. Basically, I can’t seem to make it look like it is actually coming out of my spine. *sigh* I’ll figure it out. And the mean voices in my head about how disgustingly fat I am are just having a ball looking at these images because for them its just glorious! Ugh.



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