Mapping project: GPS tracking

Damn I hate dealing with these things!

I did a walk on Friday but for some reason I couldn’t get a proper map of the path I took to import properly the actual map. So I found a site I could draw the route I took called Plot A where I was able to get what I needed. I sort of want to punch Google people because, seriously jackholes, you NEED to put yourselves in the user’s seat to see if your shit works easily. Dammit, I hate engineers that don’t factor in the user’s experience EVER in their work! Anyway, here’s the map and the information from it:
The path was 2.385 miles, took me a little over an hour to complete, and the GPS coordinates of my starting point was Latitude of 37 degrees N 54′ 10.468″ and Longitude of 122 degrees W 18′ 34.419″


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