Forty is the new forty

I’m now middle age. *blinks* Yup, nothing different other than I’ll need to update my drivers licence photo next year.

New semester at school has begun. Learning to paint with oil paint which is just ridiculously annoying. Its like painting with cake frosting which would actually be better because then I get to lick the paint brushes and not risk poisoning myself with toxic stuff. Plus, cake frosting doesn’t smell horrible. And doesn’t have a risk of spontaneously bursting into flames either. Although, I’m sure that it could happen depending on what kind of frosting it is and who’s making it. I suppose that frosting made by a cartoon villain would be potentially  dangerous, especially if they were trying to outsmart say that annoying asshole Roadrunner. Seriously, that damn bird is just a troll that needs to be stopped! He’s such a prick!! Beep Beep motherfucker! I see you! I know you’re just trying to cause trouble so just run your feathery ass outta here!

Where was I?

Oh yeah, I got old. So Hubby gave me an awesome present by taking me down to LA for a day to have dinner with some dear friends that I haven’t seen in forever at my all time favorite restaurant. A place full of meat and tasty bad for you stuff!! I really wish I could find a place like it here in the Bay but sadly I haven’t. Had an evening of insane laughter, cute baby introduction, and MEAT!!! nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom!! I developed a cold earlier in the week so I was a bit off due to my lungs having gunk and my ears being worn out from being irritated. But I managed to fight it off enough to ejoy myself this weekend. Had a very small get together the next night at the house with Bay friends so overall it was a fabulous weekend.

He asked me if I felt different at all being 40 and I really don’t. I mean, the new medication is most certainly helping keep the head weasels in check and I haven’t been feeling like I’m dragging a 4000 pound boulder everywhere with me, which is good. But I don’t feel like I’m great or even thumbs up, just …………………..fine. Meh, I guess its the best I could ask for right now. One step at a time.

My art work is improving, which makes me happy. I hope to start creating a website soon in order to begin actually selling stuff. Probably an Etsy shop too. If I’m going to make being an artist my full time gig, I have to actually be making it my job which means I’m throwing my entire fat ass at the process. Can’t lazy it up, gotta makes the dough. I’ll probably also work on creating some sewing items that I can make that I can sell at fairs or events. I may end up working on getting into those too. Whatever it takes.

Being now the dreaded “middle age” just means I’ve got shit that still needs to be done. People to wreck, places to do! And candy to devour! So much chocolate to consume! Age is just a number in the end. Its the life lived that matters.


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