About A Strange Child and her Wonderland world of nonsense

Bay Area transplant, formerly a Valley Girl with a black belt in mall shopping, and a newly embraced artist. I am currently in school to earn my Bachelor’s degree in studio art & art history. I am full of wit, sarcasm, dark humor, and a bipolar disorder that occasionally makes me awesome at parties. Married for over a decade to a super evil genius that really needs to have his own skull island and the owner of 2 dogs that have been known to have gas so bad it can be used for chemical warfare. Tattooed, pierced, weird hair and a purse that has its own Facebook page, I’m the most awesome person when I’m not spiraling from depression. Self proclaimed “Queen of the Fag Hags”, I’ll be the den mother for my harem of LGBT loved ones.

I live by this one simple quote from one of my favorite films:
The world is a banquet and most poor souls are starving themselves!“- Auntie Mame



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