Crafty little bitch!

I totally forgot to show off the crafty stuff I’ve made lately! I suck I know. I’ve just been distracted by school and a few life things going on at the moment. Please forgive me! I’ll make a cake if you want. I’ll be better I promise!

Now, onto the crafts! Back in December, I made two head pieces for my outfits for Dickens Christmas Faire. One is a headband and the other is a hat. I think I’ll have to redo the hat as I’m not completely happy with how it turned out. The headband however turned out awesome in my opinion. It was for a Harry Potter invasion we were doing and I needed to sport my Ravenclaw pride people!! I couldn’t quite get the outfit together that I wanted but the headband was my favorite thing as it turned out so freaking cool!! I grabbed an ordinary headband, wrapped a gorgeous peacock glitter ribbon around it, and then glued a collection of feathers and other decorations to the one side to create a sort of fascinator. Took me about 90 minutes to put it all together and a bunch of hot glue.

Nailed it!!

The hat: I used an old Mickey Mouse top hat Hubby and I got for one of our anniversaries for the base. I ripped the plastic ears off and punched a few holes in random spots of the hat. The intention was to make it look like the hat has tentacles bursting out of it. My obsession with tentacles means that I have an assortment of those finger puppet tentacles which run about $10 for 7 onĀ Archie McPhee, a great source for cheap cheesy stuff! I found a bunch of sea shells, pearls, a seaweed looking sequin thing, a toy octopus, and some feathers to decorate the hat. I punched the tentacles into the holes and glued them down on the inside of the hat to secure them. I wrapped the hat with a striped ribbon and hot glued all the rest of the things to the hat. Unfortunately, the hat is kind of cheap (shocking, I know, as its Disney and they ONLY sell top quality items all the time) and the glue wasn’t sticking to the plastic items all the well. When I finally got the damn octopus to stay put on the front of the hat, the glue was all showing so I just had to take a deep breathe and not throw it across the room so I could go off and berate myself for being such a failure at making an awesome hat. I texted Hubby and he fawned all over it and it made me feel better. I will try to make a better one for this year’s faire along with a better outfit. Just need to plan ahead better. But anyhoo here’s the final result:

Behold the Octopus top hat!

This week, I finally got around to putting together my creepy kitchen garden with the doll parts that I’ve been collecting from the flea market. Air plants and succulents make up the garden at the moment along with basil seeds waiting to grow up. Making the planters out of the doll heads is pretty easy. Just stuff an air plant in whatever opening available or grab a box cutter and make an opening wider. Air plants don’t require soil so they’re the best things to use. Bonus: the twisted tendrils of the plant make it just look freaking creepy as fuck! Here’s the final results:

I have two more heads to play with but I have no more room on the counter as you can see. I’ll have to get a few more succulent plants for the front yard and I’ll use the heads then. For the time being, it just means that I’ll have to go back to the flea markets to get more creepy doll parts. No, no, please don’t make me.

I will also be using my ceramics class this semester to make some planters as well when I saw a few examples at the Conservatory of Flowers gift shop today that look easy enough to create. Having something to do is making for a better head space these days. I hate the world right now as its becoming a deeply scary place to be in. I need art and craft projects to prevent me from falling off an edge, or at the very least, having daily panic attacks. I make things so I don’t murder the world.


Being crafty and yet…….

A recent development with an old friend is poking at me at the moment. They are in a situation that not only have I gone through, (and the advice I gave them went completely out the window), but their lifestyle is something I’m ALSO not happy with knowing all too much about. It’s poking me mentally and starting to pull at the threads of some old wounds. But, that’s what therapists are for I guess. Anyhoo……..

I’m on summer break at the moment from school and when I don’t have some sort of plan or routine to work with, my brainmeats declare war against me. War in the sense of it keeps picking me apart, poking old wounds to reopen them, and just being a general royal pain in my ass. My ass is already ENOUGH of a pain being all fabulous in its glory of awesomeness, so I figured the best thing to do is to keep myself busy, and to get some art projects I’ve been putting off done.

My pintrest addiction is assisting in this. Hey! I do NOT have a problem, I can totally quit any time. Just let me pin these last thousand pins……….

This week I did some dollar store shopping to make apothecary jars. Its ridiculously simple to make these. All you need is the following:

  • Jars (If you like upcycling, you can totally use a pickle jar)
  • Candlestick holders (make sure that the jars will be able to balance on them first)
  • spray paint (one that will work on plastics and glass are best. I picked one with a gloss finish so they’ll shine a bit)
  • draw knobs
  • E6000 glue

Steps are again, ridiculously easy.

  • Glue to knobs to the center of the tops of the jars.
  • Spray paint both the lids and the candlestick holders whatever color you wish. Let them dry completely before you do anything. I waited an entire 24 hours.
  • Glue the candlestick holders to the bottom of the jar.
  • Marvel at how amazingly talented you are!

And this was my end result:


See??!! Ridiculously simple!!

With this first Self-Pintrest Challenge completed, I will move on to another dollar store one where I goth out the cheesy religious angel statues later. That will be a bit more tricky as it requires some delicate painting so those might end up being in the “nailed it” pile.

I’ll share any other Pintrest creations later. Have fun, try not to glue yourself to anything! Unless you are into that kind of thing. If so, kinky and do NOT send pics!