Mapping project: progress

I’m still working on this but I’m about a third of the way done. I took an image from Google Earth of the Bay Area and of the San Fernando Valley where my parents live. I altered the images to be black and white, inverted the colors, tweaked the brightness of the black so that the lines of the streets and highways would stand out more. Then I did the painstaking work of erasing the details, leaving behind only the grid lines of the satellite photos. So far this is what it looks like for the two images:

The Bay Area on the left with the San Fernando Valley on the right

The plan is to take the images to absolute grids and put them on top of each other with some varying colors to differentiate the locations. Hopefully I should have this done this weekend.



Mapping Landscapes: ideas

Last week was a difficult week for me. My husband had an appendicitis and needed to have surgery so I had to miss a couple days of school and was set back school work wise. For this project, I haven’t been able to make a connection with what exactly to do.

The first thought I had was taking an art project I wanted to do and just mapping where I found the objects on the list. The list is based on suggestions from friends and randomly chosen from lists on Pintrest. The list is the following:
2)Funny face
3)Starts with the letter T
10) Shadows

The other idea was to take satellite screen shots of the Bay Area, the Valley in LA, and Disneyland and make them into an abstract image of just the streets and highways as they look like shattered glass or spattered paint. I’d overlap them as these are the three places I have spent most of my life being in.

That’s what I’ve thought about do for now. I’m hoping that I’ll have some time this weekend to work on it. For now, its keeping an eye on Hubby and working on the rest of my schoolwork. I’ll never again do a schedule like this. Its causing too much stress and anxiety.

Mapping project: GPS tracking

Damn I hate dealing with these things!

I did a walk on Friday but for some reason I couldn’t get a proper map of the path I took to import properly the actual map. So I found a site I could draw the route I took called¬†Plot A¬†where I was able to get what I needed. I sort of want to punch Google people because, seriously jackholes, you NEED to put yourselves in the user’s seat to see if your shit works easily. Dammit, I hate engineers that don’t factor in the user’s experience EVER in their work! Anyway, here’s the map and the information from it:
The path was 2.385 miles, took me a little over an hour to complete, and the GPS coordinates of my starting point was Latitude of 37 degrees N 54′ 10.468″ and Longitude of 122 degrees W 18′ 34.419″