Chance Project: the switch

For the second half of the Chance project, I was do what my partner did. His instructions were very similar to a Dada poem.

First grab a newpaper, some scissors, and a container. Find an article in the newspaper and carefully cut out each word in the article for the length you wish the poem to be. Take the clips, put them in the container, shake it up a bit and pull out each piece, writing down what you pick.



The poem I ended up with was:
When helped, she knew the perceived introduction
to existence really began
the distorting event, but was realizing the truth
we don’t want said,
of the violence and polluted prayers
of the solidarity felt to change.
Was I about what’s between herself with people
who don’t harmĀ 
all the activities of the moving water?”

I do love me some Dada!